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About the Authors

Father and son with a shared love of history and New York City, as well as many other interests.  Their research into ticker tape parades began when John strolled along Broadway near Trinity Church one day, and was puzzled by the plaques embedded in the sidewalk.  Their journey took them up and down the Canyon of Heroes many times, and even into City Hall to visit the Chamber where parade honorees have been officially welcomed by New York's mayors for over 150 years.

Photograph of John Walter

John Walter

A historian and genealogist who specialized in the American Civil War and New York City, John founded the Institute for Civil War Research, compiling a comprehensive collection of over 8,000 regimental histories which are now part of The Texas Heritage Historical Research Center at Hill College, Texas. His first book, The Confederate Dead in Brooklyn, combined both areas of interest.

John lived in New York City his entire life, and appeared in the 2015 documentary Middle Village, about the neighborhood he loved so much.  He spent much of his spare time at the New York Public Library, the National Archives in Washington and the New York City Municipal Archives conducting research for this book and other historical and genealogical projects.

Mark Walter

A life-long New Yorker, Mark shares his father’s passion for history and New York City.  His career in magazine publishing provided access to the print and photo archives of publications such as Variety, Time and Life magazines.  An avid lover of Broadway musicals, his favorite branch of the New York Public Library is the Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.  A frequent speaker at publishing industry events, this is his first published work.

Photograph of Mark Walter

Other Works

Cover of the book :The Confederate Dead in Brooklyn by John Walter
DVD Cover of documentary film Middle Village, which John Walter appears in
Other Works
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